All riders will start and finish at the Homewood Suites / Hampton Inn & Suites, 855 Gettysburg Ave, Clovis, CA 93612. 

Please reserve your rooms at Homewood Suites / Hampton Inn & Suites.  We have a group discount rate as follows: $149/night for 1bdrm King Suite, room reservation cut off date is September 8, 2021.
Amenities include breakfast, high-speed wireless, and parking, points, etc.




Rider Check-In and Bailout Options

Please check in at Rest Stops to receive California Triple Crown credit. Moreover, since we are offering “bailout options” along the course, it is going to be imperative to check in at each of the rest stops.

At the same time for safety reasons, this will give our Support Team necessary information as to which rider is actually on the course. Sometimes it happens that a rider will miss a turnoff, and we want to make sure if that happens, the Support Team can locate that rider. If you abandon the ride, please make our Support Team aware that you are off the course.

Philosophy and Safety

This is a strenuous event. Only experienced, long-distance cyclists should attempt this ride. The Fresno Cycling Club Support Team will do everything possible in order for you to complete this double century. Having said that, finishing the ride shall not take precedence over safety. If the Support Team feels it is not safe for a rider to physically, mentally, or mechanically continue, the rider will be pulled from the course. A conditioned rider should finish this ride within 20 hours.


All Riders Must Wear An Approved Helmet At All Times

  • All riders may be required to check-in at each Rest Stop in order to keep track of every rider on the course. Check-in at the conclusion of your ride so we know that you are no longer on the course.
  • All riders must wear or attach to their bike a bib number that can be easily seen.
  • All riders must carry their person identification, appropriate medical information, and a list of emergency contacts. In the event of an emergency or accident, the Fresno Cycling Club Support Team will immediately contact the appropriate emergency services agency, arrange for first aid, transportation, and/or emergency medical treatment. The cost of any emergency medical treatment, including the cost of any ambulance or emergency airlift is the responsibility of the rider.
  • All riders must conform to the California Vehicle Code and all applicable laws.
  • Please be aware of approaching vehicles and ride single file. Riding two abreast can frustrate some drivers because they cannot easily get around a bike rider. One can easily determine an experienced long-distance cyclist. That rider is always aware of safety and riding single file.
  • Riders will be disqualified if riding without lights at night.
  • Private SAGs are not allowed.
  • Notify the Fresno Cycling Club Support Team if you abandon the ride.

Rest Stop Photo


Rest Stops Along the Route

Along with the normal rest stop fare, we plan to have available at each rest stop Sustained Energy, Perpetuem, Heed, Hammer Gel, and Endurolytes.

After Ride

As always, a well deserved post ride meal will be served at the start/finish location. However, to allow our hard working food preparation staff to get home at a reasonable hour, buffet food service will end at 10 pm. However, late finishers may take home or microwave on site preserved meals.



Other Area Hotels

The nearest overnight accommodations:

Best Western Clovis Cole
415 Clovis Ave.
Clovis, Ca. 93611

America's Best Value Inn - formerly known as Rodeo Lodge
1616 Clovis Ave.
Clovis, Ca. 93611

University Inn
2655 E. Shaw Ave.
Fresno, Ca. 93710

For those wanting to save on hotel cost, couch or floor space may also be available with Fresno Cycling Club members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a cut-off time?
A: Yes. The cut-off time is 8pm at the MR5 Rest Stop before heading up to Trimmer Springs.

Q: Do I have to check in before I start riding Saturday morning, and at each rest stop?
A: Yes. For organizational purposes and for safety reasons, it is important for the Support Team to know who is on the course and who is not. It is not uncommon for a SAG driver to spend wasted hours looking for a rider who did not check in. And, for Triple Crown purposes, you must prove that you were there.

Q: Are you going to have road markings at each corner?
A: All of the corners will be either designated with road markings or a sign. Some of the corners cannot legally have either one so please regard your route sheet as your bible.

Q: How early can I leave on Saturday morning?
A. After you have checked-in with the Registrar on Saturday morning at the Homewood Suites Banquet Hall, the earliest you can start is 4:00am.  The slower riders should take advantage of this early start time.  The faster riders should not leave any earlier than 6:30am because they will overrun our rest stops if they do.  Remember, the first Rest Stop opens at 6:00am.

Q: What type of energy drinks will you provide?
A: Hammer Gel products will be the order of the day, Sustained Energy, Perpetuem, Electrolytes, Hammer Gel, and possibly Gatorade.